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Our Approach & Our Story

Clearway Capital Solutions believes investment management has in common with many other industries that increasing specialisation may provide incentive for managers to outsource certain areas of the value chain. This can help them to reduce fixed operating expenses and also maximise value added by allowing managers to focus on the delivery of planned investment outcomes to their clients.

Large multi-asset class, multi-strategy offshore based managers committed to capital raising from wholesale institutional and private investors in Australia and New Zealand may well have the resources to establish their own business development and investor relations offices in this region. However, many smaller and boutique managers are also generating attention in this region. Of course, these firms may still choose to establish a centre in the region; alternatively they may “fly-in fly-out” in their capital raising efforts. Or, they may decide that an external service provider like Clearway Capital can offer a cost-effective, comprehensive and targeted approach to understanding and reaching key investors. As Clearway Capital will only work with a small number of investment management firms, in the provision of advice and implemented business development services, such a relationship demonstrates a commitment to the region by our partners that will be recognised and valued by decision makers.

It is also quite possible that Australian or New Zealand firms, particularly if they are in the early phases of their development, may want to absorb themselves in day to day portfolio management and review of their investment offerings rather than dedicating substantial in-house resources to the research, marketing and business development effort. Committing to a business development partnership with an experienced, knowledgeable and well-connected firm like Clearway Capital can be a cost effective and efficient way to establish a presence in the wholesale institutional and sophisticated investor marketplace.

Clearway Capital can tailor services to satisfy some or all of the following areas of the value chain process:

Market and competitor intelligence
Entry/renewal analysis
Product research
Due diligence questionnaire review
Consultant ratings assistance
Strategic review
Market positioning analysis
Structure, terms and conditions consultation
Product development and restructuring
Marketing collateral appraisal and review
ESG/SRI marketing counsel
Business Development
Road show development
Distribution channel development and monitoring
Placement and third party marketing
Liquidity management
Stakeholder and project management
Investor and consultant relations
Dispute management

An investment manager’s decision to use some or all of Clearway Capital’s services will depend on their core competencies and priorities. Those investment managers seeking to concentrate solely on managing portfolios may use all of our services, while those that have a vertically integrated business model may only use some of our services.

Services can be provided on a short term basis, ongoing long term or there may even be fund managers who will use our services only once.

Clearway Capital is also available to take on complex project-based work.

Clearway Capital has undertaken research and advisory projects for US and Indian private equity managers, a fundamental Australian equities manager and Australian and US single strategy hedge fund managers. Please click on the link below for a summary of the elements of the completed projects.

Clearway Capital Completed Projects (pdf)

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